Office / Pastoral Staff :                              Rev Anthony loh    Senior Pastor                         9183 3590 

Rev Fredric Lee                                            9839 2827 

Deacon Peter Cheong    [Dialect Min.]                      9816 3264 

Brother Joseph Hiow [YAM & Pulse]                      8322 0831 

Christina Ang   [Adminstrator]                            6266 0537

Office Hours:                                               Monday – Friday  9am – 5pm                        *closed on Weekends & Public Holidays*


Thank you for visiting our JCC Website! It is our greatest joy and hope that this website can be a blessing to your spiritual walk with Christ.  We seek to constantly improve our website. If you have any suggestions/ feedback about our website, please do share with our Multimedia Ministry and email us at 

If you are new to our church, we look forward to meeting you, do come and visit us !

Address:  Jurong Christian Church   2 Tah Ching Road 618744      Tel: 62660537

If you have any enquiries regarding church adminstrative matters, feel free to email Christina Ang. We would love to hear from you!


Pastoral Care   

If you have a prayer need or wish to meet up with a Pastor, please drop them a message:    

Rev Anthony Loh  (65) 9183 3590

Rev Fredric Lee (65) 9839 2827   

Mon–Fri, 9am–6pm



For support/assistance when a loved one (spouse, child, a parent, sibling or grandparent) has passed on, inform

Rev Anthony Loh (65) 9183 3590 , Rev Fredric Lee (65) 9839 2827, Deacon Peter Cheong (65) 9816 3264



In view of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012, Jurong Christian Church and its ministries adapts and follows closely under the ‘LCS PDPA Policy’ to collect, use, and disclosure of personal data for the purpose of facilitating and contacting JCC members regarding their request(s) via calls, text messages, posts and emails. 

Members of JCC are to be aware that that they can update and/or withdraw the consent provided by JCC at any time by contacting The LCS PDPA Policy, to inquire how our personal data will be used, is also available (click on the icon on the right)

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Personal Data Protection Act Policy