If you are keen to nurture these young hearts and passionate  in their work & ministries, kindly look for Clement (BB Captain) and Xiufeng (GB Captain)

The Boys’ Brigade (BB) and The Girls’ Brigade (GB) are Christian-based uniformed youth organisations which operate in local schools as Co-Curricular Activities (CCA).

Jurong Christian Church (JCC) supports 1 BB Company (28th) from Yuhua Secondary and Shuqun Primary  School and 1 GB Company (51st) from Shuqun Primary School.

Our JCC members serve as Officers and ad-hoc helpers among these Boys and Girls. Our activities include Bible studies, foot drill, life skills, leadership training, adventure and camping. Through our weekly interaction with the children and youths, we build relationships with them, loving them and providing guidance and mentorship to build them up in character and skills. The Good News of Jesus Christ is also shared through our teaching and modeling of our lives.