Our Vision:
What do we want to be/do?

  To be disciples of Jesus Christ, and to make disciples for Jesus Christ, wherever we are.

Our Mission:
Why do we exist?

To equip young adults in JCC to live holistic, effective and God-honouring lives in their workplace, family, church and society.


The equipping process involves spiritual friendship with  leaders and peers, through the various programmes and activities, bible studies and the sharpening of one another among the members.


The YAM targets young adults, who are working adults up to about 35 years old, including those who are married and have young children.


The focus is not only on one or two areas of our lives , but try to cover various areas in life. God is interested in all areas of our lives.


We want to impact the lives of other people and the community.


We strive to be true disciples of Jesus Christ, living lives that pleases Him.


We want to integrate the Christian life into our careers, family, church and society.

Keen to find out more / join our YAM Ministry ?

Do drop a message to our Head of Ministry (HOM), Samuel Tay
at [email protected]

Our Cell Groups

Currently we have 5 cell Groups:
- Disciples of Christ (DOT #1)
- Disciples of Christ (DOT #2)
- Against All Temptation (AAT)
- Sinners 2 Saints (S2S)
- Walking In the Lord's Light (WILL)

Our YAM facebook

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